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1. Which of these relations is correct?
A) APC - APS = 1 B) MPC + MPS = 1 C) APC + MPC = 1 D) 1 + MPC = MPS
2. If supply increases and demand remains unchanged, equilibrium quantity will _______ and equilibrium price will ______________.
A) rise, rise B) fall, fall C) fall, rise D) rise, fall
3. Oligopolies that produce identical products such as steel have
A) no control over the price of their product because of the availability of perfect substitutes.
B) no control over the price of their product because of the large number of buyers in the market.
C) some control over the price of their product because each firm sells a substantial share of the market.
D) some control over the price of their product because of the small number of buyers in the market.
4. As price declines, quantity demanded goes _______ and quantity supplied goes ________.
A) up, up B) down, down C) up, down D) down, up
5. The conventional merger is the ____ merger.
A) horizontal B) vertical C) conglomerate D) diversifying
6. An increase in supply means that quantity supplied rises
A) at least one price. B) at a few prices. C) at most prices. D) at all prices.
7. The market price ____________ the equilibrium price.
A) can be higher than, but never lower than C) can be higher than, or lower than
B) can be lower than, but never higher than D) is always equal to
8. A merger between Chase Bank and Citibank would be a ____ merger.
A) horizontal B) vertical C) conglomerate D) diversifying
9. To build up our capital we need to
A) save more and consume more. C) save less and consume less.
B) save more and consume less. D) save less and consume more.
10. In the United States investment is done
A) entirely by the government.
B) mostly by the government.
C) about half by the government and half by private enterprise.
D) mainly by private enterprise.
11. Specific business practices such as price discrimination are prohibited by the:
A) Clayton Act of 1914. B) Sherman Act of 1890. C) Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914.
12. Which statement is false?
A) A monopoly is both a firm and an industry. C) There are no monopolies in the United States.
B) A monopoly is an imperfect competitor. D) None of these statements is false.
13. Price discrimination
A) occurs whenever a good or service is resold.
B) is prohibited by law.
C) occurs when a seller charges two or more prices for the same good or service.
D) occurs when the seller charges different prices for different quality products.
14. Which statement is true?
A) All monopolies are good.
B) All monopolies are bad.
C) Most natural monopolies are government regulated or government owned.
D) None of these statements is true.
15. Monopolistic competition differs from perfect competition only with respect to
A) the number of firms in the industry. C) barriers to entry.
B) product differentiation. D) economies of scale.
16. Each of these companies was broken up by the Supreme Court except
A) AT&T. B) the American Tobacco Trust. C) the Standard Oil Trust. D) U.S. Steel.
17. Which statement is false?
A) Monopolies tend to be inefficient.
B) Economic power is easily translated into political power.
C) Two ways of preventing public utilities from taking advantage of their power are government regulation and government ownership.
D) None is false.
18. Which statement is false?
A) Oligopolies are illegal in most states. C) Ford Motor Company is an oligopoly.
B) Most oligopolies engage in outright collusion. D) None of these statements is false.
19. Which of the following is NOT an example of a vertical merger?
A) The merger of a shoe producer and a leather producer
B) The merger of two computer companies
C) The merger of a computer company and a microelectronics chip company
D) The merger of an automobile company and a tire company
E) The merger of a brewery and a producer of hops
20. In the United States, natural monopolies
A) are easily converted to competitive industries. C) are commonly regulated by governments.
B) are common in retailing. D) are rarely regulated by governments.

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Amino acids multiple choice questions

Which statement is incorrect about the classification of amino acids?
a. Alanine and valine are neutral, nonpolar amino acids.
b. Lysine and arginine are basic amino acids.
c. Tryptophan and phenylalanine are aromatic amino acids.
d. Aspartic acid and aspargine are acidic amino acids.

Which of the following amino acids is the least water soluble at pH 7.0?
a. Tryptophan
b. Glutamic acid
c. Cysteine
d. Histidine

Which amino acid would migrate the furthest toward the anode (positive electrode) during paper electrophoresis at pH 7.0?
a. Aspartic acid
b. Alanine
c. Lysin
d. Glutamine

Which of the following functional groups, attached to an inert matrix, could function as a cation exchanger?
a. Diethylaminoethyl-
b. p-aminobenzyl-
c. Carboxymethyl-
d. Trimethylammonium-

Which of the following amino acids would make the best buffer at pH 4.5?
a. Histidine
b. Alanine
c. Glutamine
d. Aspartic acid

Which fact is incorrect about stereoisomers?
a. A diastereomer is a nonsuperimposable non-mirror image.
b. An enantiomer is a nonsuperimposible mirror image.
c. Diastereomers have different melting points.
d. Diastereomers rotate plane polarized light in equal but opposite direction.

Which statement is incorrect about L-isoleucine?
a. Its enantiomer is named O-isoleucine.
b. It contains a total of two asymmetric or chiral carbons.
c. It can also be named as (28, 38)-isoleucine using the (R,8) system.
d. Its diastereomer would be named O-alloisoleucine.

An isoelectric amino acid was dissolved in water and the resulting pH was approximately 7.6. What amino acid would possess this property?
a. Alanine
b. Glutamic acid
c. Histidine
d. Lysine

What volume of NaOH is required to adjust the solution of monosodium aspartate to pH 9.8?
a. 1 ml
b. 2 ml
c. 3 ml
d. 6 ml or more

What volume of 2 N Hel is required to completely titrate the 4 mmol of monosodium aspartate?
a. 2 ml
b. 3ml
c. Aml
d. 6 ml or more

Which statement is correct about the peptide ala-ser?
a. Alanine is at the N-terminal of the peptide.
b. There are a total six atoms that lie in the plane of the peptide bond linking alanine to serine.
c. The alpha-carbon of alanine is sp3 hybridized d All the above are correct statements.

What is the product formed from the acid hydrolysis of a simple amide?
a. Acid & base
b. Aldehyde & alcohol
c. Acid & amine
d. Ester & alcohol

The complete acid hydrolysis of the peptide ala-gln-trp-ser would yield:
a. Ala, gin, trp, ser
b. Ala, glu, ser
c. Ala, glu, trp, ser
d. Ala. ser

Fibrous proteins, such as collagen, have which of the following properties?
a. Highly soluble in water
b. Their hydrophilic residues are directed into the interior of the protein
c. Exhibit enzymatic activity
d. Serve structural roles in the cell

Quaternary structure is associated with:
a. The overall shape of a polypeptide chain
b. The sum of the secondary and tertiary interactions
c. Simple proteins with only one subunit
d. The relative orientation of one polypeptide to another polypeptide in a multi-subunit protein.

The information needed to define the structure of a protein is essentially contained in:
a. Amino acid composition
b. Amino acid sequence
c. Secondary structure
d. Tertiary structure.

Insulin is a polypeptide hormone that contains two short polypeptide chains linked by two interstrand disulfide bonds. The most logical order of events to perform in order to sequence this protein would be:
A: The peptides are reduced with mercaptoethanol.
B: The peptides are sequenced using Edman chemistry .
C: The peptides are separated by chromatography techniques. 0: The peptides are alkylated with iodoacetamide.
a. A, D,C, B b.C,A, 0, B
c. C, B, A, 0
d. A, B, C, 0

Which statement is incorrect about the peptide val-asp-trp-asn-ser?
a. This peptide would show a strong absorption band at 280 nm.
b. Reaction with chymotrypsin would yield two peptides.
c. To synthesize this peptide using the solid phase method of Merrifield, the amino acid directly attached to the resin would be serine.
d. After the second round of Edman chemistry using the reagent PITC, the PTH -amino acid residue released would be PTH-asn.

Which statement is incorrect about the reaction of the peptide ser-Iys-asp-trp-cys-metasn-phe-ala with the following reagents?
a. Reaction with cyanogens bromide would yield two peptides.
b. Reaction with trypsin would result in three peptides. The smallest of three peptides would have the highest pi of the three.
c. Reaciton with chymotrypsin would result in the peptides ser-Iys-asp & try-cys-met-Iysasn-phe-ala .
d. Reaction with chymotrypsin would yield a different set of peptides that overlap those obtained with tryspsin

Determine the amino acid sequence of the following oligopeptide from the experimental data below:
The amino acid composition is found the be ala, Iys, phe, met, cys plus some
decompsition products.
2. The peptide has a molecular weight around 700 Da and absorbs at 280 nm.
3. Treatment with carboxypeptidase results in tryptophan and a peptide.
4. CNBr treatment yields a tetrapeptide and a dipeptide.
5. Trypsine digestion produces an amino acid and a pentapeptide with met on the amino end.
6. Chymotrypsin digestion yields a dipeptide and a tetrapeptide.
a. trp-Iys-met-cys-met-ala
b. Iys-met-cys-phe-ala-trp
c. trp-ala-phe-cys-met-Iys
d. Iys-ala-cys-phe-met -trp

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