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    Public Finance and Role of Government

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    Imagine you work for your state's government. In what ways do your ideological views on public finance affect your opinions about the role of government? How will you work with those who share different views?

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    Let me throw out a bunch of basic "talking points" about the topic. This is a wide open topic with lots of room for improvisation.

    Of course, as you know, I cannot write anything here that you can turn in as your own, as per Brain Mass policy. I can give you a bunch of ideas to get you started.

    Let's start with the basics.

    We can assume that there are two very general approaches to public finance that are mainstream in American life. One is the supply side argument, the other is from the demand side.

    The supply side argument is one accepted by most American conservatives and libertarians.
    The basic thesis of all their work is that lower taxes and less government will lead to a stronger private sector. The argument rests on one important assumption: government is not productive, and it exists as a parasite, taking cash from the productive sector and shifting it to the non-productive sector.
    The point is that the larger government is, the less cash is working to build up the private, productive sector to create jobs.

    The concept, further, for the supply side argument is that the state should remain concerned with "greasing the skids" for the private sector. You would then take the argument (as a state employee) that the job of the state is to maintain a well kept infrastructure, enforce contracts and defend private property. Really, the state has no role beyond that.

    The demand side holds that the state is not "unproductive" The state can and should assist citizens through generous welfare, food stamps, ...

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    Public finance and the role of governments are examined. The different views are shared.