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Market Trends

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Charlie loves watching Teletubbies on his local public TV station, but he never sends any money to support the station during their fundraising drives. What name do economists have for Charlie? How can government solve the problem caused by people like Charlie? Can you think of ways the private market can solve this problem? How does the existence of cable TV alter the situation?

The second questions is; two hundreds words each please. What are Competitors, Impact of new companies entering the market. This is about Market Trends in WalMart. The last sample one was about Market current this is about Market Trends.

Do you need more days or do I need to separated this into two folders or what. If I do separated this into two folders the first question is what?

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//As per the need of the first question, firstly I have to describe about the situation. I order to suggest him as per his problem; you should analyze various policies and rule of regulations of both the governmental and private market. This analyzes will help you to identify the various solution for his problem. //

Solution 1: In economics, people like Charlie are termed as free riders. People who use more resources than their reasonable share or pay less than the cost of the production are known as free riders. The problem related to free rider is that how to stop or reduce their negative implications. The public goods are introduced due to the problem of free riders.

Free riders take benefit of the goods without paying for them. There is need to create government policy for saving the environment, as it plays a significant role in addressing free riders problems. Government is trustworthy ...

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