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    Calculating production elasticities

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    1) Q=75K^.75 L^.25

    2) Q=1.4K^.70 L^.60

    3) Q=1.4A^.15 B^.40 C^.45

    Describe whether constant, increasing, or decreasing returns to scale.

    4) For Q=1.4K^.70 L^.60:

    Production elasticity of capital (K)

    Production elasticity of labor (L)

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    1)Q=75K^.75 L^.25
    Sum of exponents=0.75+0.25=1.00
    Sum of exponents is equal to 1. It exhibits constant returns to scale.

    2)Q=1.4K^.70 L^.60
    Sum of exponents=0.70+0.60=1.30
    Sum of exponents is greater than 1. It ...

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    Solution describes the steps to determines whether given production functions exhibit increasing, decreasing or constant returns to scale. It also provides step by step method to calculate production elasticities.