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    Calculating price elasticity of demand with the midpoint formula

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    See the attached file. Using the midpoint formula, calculate elasticity for each of the given changes in demand by a household.

    P1 P2 Q1 Q2
    Demand for:
    a. Long-distance telephone service $0.25/min $0.15/min 300min/month 400min/mth
    b. Orange juice 1.49/qt 1.89/qt 14quart/month 12qt/month
    c. Big Macs 2.89 1.00 3 per week 6 per week
    d. Cooked shrimp $9/ lb $12/lb 2 lb/month 1.5 lb/ month

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    The midpoint formula is the most accurate method of calculating price elasticity of demand. This solution shows a sample calculation.