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Analyzing Given Production Functions

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Determine whether the following production functions exhibit constant, increasing, or decreasing returns to scale.

A. Q = 0.6L + 20K +10F
B. Q = 2L2 + 3LK + 5K2
C. Q = 20L0.25K0.70

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A. Q = 0.6L + 20K +10F

Let L=100, K=100 and F=100 at initial point.

Suppose all inputs are raised by 2%
i.e. L=102, K=102, F=102

Percentage change in output=(Q2-Q1)/Q1=(3121.2-3060)/3060=2%
In this case, output has increased in the same proportion as that of inputs. We ...

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This solution depicts the required steps needed to check if the given functions exhibit increasing, decreasing or constant returns to scale. All work is clearly shown.

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