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    Output, price, total revenue and total profit

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    P = $130 - $0.000125Q
    MR - $130 - 0.00025
    Fixed development cost = $600,000
    Marginal costs are $63 per unit.

    Calculate output, price, total revenue and total profit at the revenue maximizing activity level and then at the profit maximizing level (present each with relevant diagrams).

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    At the profit maximizing activity level,

    II = TR - TC,

    Here, II = 130Q - 0.000125Q^2 - 600,000 - 63Q
    = 67Q - 0.000125Q^2 - 600,000

    Now, setting the profit-maximizing level, from which any extra profit is not possible,

    dII / dQ = 67 - 0.00025Q* = 0
    II Q* = 67 / 0.00025 = 268,000

    where, II = Profit, TR = Total Revenue, TC ...

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