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    Calculating the per unit profit/loss at given price levels

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    Suppose a competitive firm's cost information is as shown in the table below.

    Output Marginal Cost Average Variable Cost Average Total Cost
    1 $ 8.00 $ 8.00 $ 17.00
    2 7.00 7.50 12.00
    3 6.00 7.00 10.00
    4 5.00 6.50 8.75
    5 6.00 6.40 8.20
    6 7.00 6.50 8.00
    7 8.00 6.71 8.00
    8 9.00 7.00 8.13
    9 10.00 7.33 8.33
    10 11.00 7.70 8.60

    a. Suppose the firm sells its output for $9.10. What is the firm's marginal revenue (MR)? Explain.
    b. Compare MR to marginal cost (MC) to determine the firm's profit maximizing (loss-minimizing) output level. Be sure to check whether or not the firm should shut down. Show all work & explain your answers well.
    c. What is the firm's per-unit profit (loss) and total profit (loss) at this output level? Show all your work.
    d. Repeat parts a. through c. assuming the price has fallen to $7.10.
    e. Repeat again assuming the price has fallen to $6.10.
    f. At what price does the firm earn a normal profit? Explain.
    g. At what price must this firm shut down? Explain.

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    a) A competitive firm's marginal revenue is equal to market price. So, Marginal Revenue is $9.10

    b) A competitive firm chooses its output level such that marginal revenue is less than or equal to marginal cost. In the given case, any output above 8 units will make marginal cost higher than the marginal revenue i.e. $9.10.
    So, firm can choose the output level of 8 units. At this output level, AVC is lower than the price, firm should continue to operate at ...

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