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Expansion Project

10.) Mills Mining is considering an expansion project. The proposed project has the following features:

? The project has an initial cost of $500,000 - this is also the amount which can be depreciated using the following depreciation schedule:

(see attached chart)

? If the project is undertaken, at t=0 the company will need to increase its inventories by $50,000, and its accounts payable will rise by $10,000. this net operating working capital will be recovered at the end of the project's life (t=4)
? If the project is undertaken, the company will realize an additional $600,000 in sales over each of the next four years (t=1, 2, 3, 4). The company's operating cost (not including depreciation) will equal $400,000 a year
? The company's tax rate is 40%
? At t=4, the project's economic life is complete, but it will have a salvage value of $50,000
? The project's WACC = 12%

What is the project's net present value (NPV)?


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