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Managerial Economics

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Please guide through the steps of these problems (see attachment).

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The solution goes into detail in order to answer the several questions about managerial economics and determine if the company will enjoy the profits. Step-by-step solution is given for all problems which makes it easy for anyone with a basic understanding of economics to follow along. Overall, an excellent response to the question.

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1. (a) If you look at the demand function for X, you would notice that Y have a negative sign in front of it. So as the price of Y increases, the quantity demanded for X would go down. This tells us that Y is a complement product for X.

Similarly, Z has a positive sign in front of it. So, as the price of Z increases quantity demanded for X increases. This means that X and Z are substitutes.

(b) M has a negative sign. Thus, higher the income, lower is ...

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