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    As the price level rises, ceteris paribus, people holding some of their wealth in monetary form become______________.
    a. less wealthy and they buy less
    b. more wealthy and they buy more
    c. less wealthy and they buy more
    d. more wealthy and they buy less

    If think it is it is a?

    Which of the following will cause a movement from one point on an AD curve to another point on the same AD curve?
    a.A change in consumption
    b.A change in government expenditures
    c. A change in injections
    d. A change in the price level

    I thnk it is a.

    A laissez-faire macroeconomic policy, based on a __________ in self-regulating properties of the economy, implies __________ by the government.
    a. belief, active policymaking
    b. belief, noninterference
    c. disbelief, active policymaking
    d. disbelief, noninterference

    I think it is b

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