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    The different measures of money supply

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    Explain the different measures of the money supply, and explain why the different definitions are important.

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    These are the different measures of Money Supply:

    1. "M1"

    M1 consists of the most highly liquid assets. It includes all forms of assets that are easily exchangeable as payment for goods and services.
    These are:
    a.) coin and currency in circulation
    b.) traveler's checks
    c.) demand deposits
    d) Other checkable deposits.

    2. "M2"

    M1 it includes all of M1, the most liquid assets, and a collection of additional assets that are slightly less liquid.
    These additional assets include:
    a.) savings accounts
    b.) money market deposit accounts
    c.) small time deposits (less than $100,000) (these would include ...

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    Money exists in different forms. This solutions identifies and defines the different measures of the money supply. It explains also why the different definitions of money are important.