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International Monetary Fund

Visit the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) website and explore the inter-workings of the organization and the areas they are working on. Choose a topic of interest and then provide a "mini lecture and example".

I have chosen the IMF's interaction with Advanced Economies' for the mini lecture and example (see attachment).

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Here is the mini-lecture and example:

Today, we will be looking at the International Monetary Fund's interaction with advanced economies. There are several key statistics that will underlie this discussion, so let's start there. First, it is forecasted by the IMF that global output will expand by four and a half percent in 2011 alone. While this seems like a reasonable metric, it is actually slower than last year's growth rate. Lat year, the advanced economies grew by 3 percent. This year they are expected to grow by only two and a half. Emerging markets are growing at a much higher rate, but still down ...

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A mini-lecture on the IMF's advanced economies program. The international monetary funds are provided.