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    Important American Economic, Political & Social Issues

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    Please help me write about the following topic:

    Identify the most important economic, political or social issue facing the United States. Please explain its significance and offer at least one solution.

    What is the most pressing problem facing the American legal system? Please explain its significance and offer at least one solution.

    (There doesn't need to be citations, but I would appreciate something that is well written.)

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    In my opinion, one of the most important economic/political issues facing the U.S.A. is the monetary system. In 1913, when Congress approved the creation of the Federal Reserve banking system, it created a private banking system which could control the credit and the money of the United States. Contrary to what many Americans think, the Federal Reserve is not a federal bank at all, but rather a private bank that has the ability to control the monetary system in the U.S.A. In fact, it's not a "reserve" either. Instead, it works on the principle of fractional banking which allows it to "lend" money it does not have thus creating inflation. If the American people truly understood how the monetary system worked, they'd probably revolt overnight. You see, right now, the U.S.A. has "fiat" currency, which is paper money (and similar notes) which are not backed by anything (except the "good faith" of the government and the kindness and gullibility of its citizens). This means that the Federal Reserve Notes (incorrectly referred to as ...

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    The solution is a concise guide in identifying the mosr pressing economic, political and social issues facing the most powerful nationon earth, the United States of America (see original problem). Exploring legal, political & economic issues, it presents venues for discussion that would be helpful in tackling a research paper on the topic.