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Higher Markup

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Which product would tend to have a higher markup in a supermarket, cigarretes or Colombian coffee? Explain. And what about Apple computers and HP computers in an electronics store?

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Colombian coffee would tend to have a higher mark up due to the following reasons:

1. Unlike cigarettes, Colombian coffee is not a regulated product, therefore it is easily accessible by a ...

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This solution highlights products that tend to have a higher markup in a supermarket between cigarretes and colombian coffee and betwen Apple and HP computers,

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The "Tint When You Need It" product can be a new line that could expand the availability of products for Transitions Optical. This product can be expanded to industries such as the automobile industry, housing, and commercial building markets. In the automobile industry the windows could tint during the day when the sun is reducing the visibility and the glass would not have tint during nighttime driving conditions.
This technology will be beneficial in the urban areas of the southern portion of the United States. In these areas, the "Tint When You Need It" glass could be installed in high-rise commercial buildings to provide tint throughout the day and clear glass at night. Our customers would experience a reduction in cooling costs over the life of the product and still be able to enjoy the city's skyline at night.

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