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    You want to calculate the cluster coefficient for your own e

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    You want to calculate the cluster coefficient for your own email contact list. That is, the set of names in your email address book is the relevant social network for your calculation Compose an email that you could send to each of these individuals asking for the data you would need to complete the calculation of the cluster coefficient Your friends have no idea what you are talking about, but they trust you and will provide you the data you ask for if you are clear about what you want You are not worried about maintaining the privacy of your email contact list or theirs You want to ask for the least amount of information as possible (Not necessarily in the email). Describe why if your friends comply this is enough data to compute the cluster coefficient.

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    Dear friends,
    I'm writing to ask for your help in calculating the cluster coefficient for my "social network" and I need some information in this regard from you.

    A social network is a set of people, each of whom is acquainted with some subset of the others. In such a network, the nodes which represent people are joined by edges demoting acquaintance or collaboration. In this case the nodes are my email contact list. And the edges of this social network are the acquaintances between these nodes. For example, I have 200 contacts in my email list so these are the nodes. As I know all of you, my node is connected ...

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