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    the Federal government

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    1. As your organization's lobbyist, what would you like to see done by the Federal government that would be of help to your organization? This could be what the government could do or what they could stop doing. It can be all fiscal, all monetary, or a mix of each type of policy. As a lobbyist it is not your job to be concerned with the deficit, or the environment, or the general health of the financial system (unless, of course, you are lobbying for an environmental, financial, or deficit reduction group). Your answer to this question can give an interesting perspective as to how lobbying can distort economic policy and decisions. CAUTION: I am not looking for general comments that could apply to the country as a whole or any given organization, what I want is comments that are relevant specifically to your organization. There are three aricles below on the pros and cons of lobbying, feel free to google the subject to find more:


    2. The majority of lobbying efforts centers around fiscal policy so we will stick with that area. Please discuss your opinions on lobbying regarding if it is useful and should continue as is, if it should continue but with constraints to limit how much is done, or if it should be eliminated.

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    Fiscal Policy


    I work for a company that makes and sells notebooks, personal computers, electronics, computer supplies, consumer electronics and industrial products. The company sells its products through retail stores and e-Commerce websites. The company faces strong competition from foreign brands and may be compelled to close down unless the Federal Government makes some change. First, the minimum wage level set by the Fair Labor Standards Act and The Fair Minimum wage Act of 2007 should be relaxed for firms that directly compete with foreign companies. The stipulation for minimum wages increases the costs of our firm and makes our firm uncompetitive. The second requirement is that the tax rate applicable to corporations should be reduced for those companies that directly compete with foreign products. This tax rate reduction is necessary to price our products competitively. The third ...

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