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Supply and Demand

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How will each of the following changes in demand and/or supply affect equilibrium price and equilibrium quantity in a competitive market; that is do price and quantity rise, fall, remain unchanged, or are the answers indeterminate, depending on the magnitudes of the shifts in supply and demand? You should rely on a supply and demand diagram to verify answers.
a. Supply decreases and demand remains constant.
b. Demand decreases and supply remains constant.
c. Supply increases and demand is constant.
d. Demand increases and supply increases.
e. Demand increases and supply is constant.
f. Supply increases and demand decreases.
g. Demand increases and supply decreases.
h. Demand decreases and supply decreases

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(a) Price up; quantity down.

(b) Price down; quantity down.

(c) ...

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The solution discusses the nature of supply and demand on the equilibrium price and equilibrium quantity in a competitive market.

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