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    Monetary tightening or Monetary loosening

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    The Fed loosened monetary policy in various ways in 2007, but has recently started tightening monetary policy again. Explain how each instrument they have used works and whether it is a loosening or tightening policy. (1 sentence explanation):

    1) Lower the target federal funds rate: monetary tightening or loosening?

    2) Lower the cost of discount window lending: monetary tightening or loosening?

    3) The Fed pays banks a positive interest rate on the reserves they hold at the Central Bank: monetary tightening or loosening?

    4) Offer discount window access to a broader range of financial institutions: monetary tightening or loosening?

    5) Implementing an open market purchase of bonds: monetary tightening or loosening?

    6) Purchasing Mortgage-Backed Securities: monetary tightening or loosening?

    7) Purchasing medium maturity Treasury Bonds (QE2): monetary tightening or loosening?

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    1) Monetary loosening: Lowering the target federal funds rate is monetary loosening because with lower fund rate Fed increases money supply in the system.
    2) Monetary loosening: Lowering the cost of discount window lending is monetary loosening because it relieves liquidity strains for individual depository ...

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