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    Fiscal Policy and the Economic Downturn

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    I am looking to find the parties responsible for crafting reparation policies for the current U.S. Economic crisis. How have these people changed monetary policy, fiscal policy and laws that govern businesses since the collapse of the economy.

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    So, I guess a good place to start giving you a hand with this question is to first identify when exactly the "collapse of the economy" was. We're going to draw the line at 2008. From here, we need to consider some of the major policy changes.

    Firstly, perhaps the most significant policy change was one made by congress and signed into law by the president. The relevant piece of legislation is the American Recovery and Reinvestment act of 2008. This is considered to be fiscal policy, as perhaps the largest component of the act was a massive bout of fiscal stimulus to the ...

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    This solution of 390 words explains who is behind the reparation policies for the US economic crisis. It also touches on the changes to the monetary policy, fiscal policy and laws that govern businesses.