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    Tea Industry Crisis in India

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    What are the underlying issues of India's tea industry crisis? Why are other tea producing countries not as severely affected?

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    India accounts for almost 31% of the global tea production in the world, only second to Sri Lanka. Mountain ranges in Eastern and Southern India have been set up with huge tea growing reserves fro more than a century now and produce one of the finest black tea in the world. This is different from the predominantly green tea produced and consumed in China. However, lately the Indian tea industry is facing a series of threats. The primary underlying issue is that the consumption of tea is going down in face of stiff competition from soft drink products, especially among the newer generation. BBC news has recently reported that the tea prices are at their lowest for three years. The increased popularity of ...

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    The expert examines tea industry crisis in India. Why there are other tea producing countries which are not severely affected is determined.