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Corporate Tax and Book Income Statement

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Corporate Tax
Jackson Corporation prepared the following book income statement for its year ended December 31, 2011:

Sales $900,000
Minus: Cost of goods sold (500,000)
Gross Profit: $400,000
Plus: Dividends received on Invest Corporations stock $3,000
Gain on sale of Invest Corporation's stock 30,000
Total dividends and gain $33,000
Minus: Depreciation ($7,500 + $32,000) $39,500
Bad debt allowance 22,000
Other operating expenses 105,500
Loss on sale of Equipment 155,000
Total expenses and loss (222,000)
Net income per books before taxes $211,000
Minus: Federal income tax expense (70,000)
Net income per books $141,000
Information on equipment depreciation and sale:
Equipment 1:
- Acquired March 3, 2008 for $180,000
- For books: 12-year life; straight-line depreciation
- Sold June 17, 2011 for $80,000
Sales price $80,000
Cost $180,000
Minus: Depreciation for 2008 (1/2 year) $7,500
Depreciation for 2009 ($180,000/12) 15,000
Depreciation for 2010 (1/2 year) 15,000
Depreciation for 2011 (1/2 year) 7,500
Total book depreciation (45,000)
Book value at time of sale (135,000)
Book loss on sale of Equipment 1 $(55,000)
- For tax: Seven-year MACRS property for which the corporation made no Sec. 179 election in the acquisition year end elected out of bonus depreciation.
Equipment 2:
- Acquired February 16, 2009 for $384,000
- For books: 12-year life; straight-line depreciation
- Book depreciation in 2011: $384,000/12 = $32,000
- For tax: Seven-year MACRS property for which the corporation made the Sec. 179 election but elected out of bonus depreciation.
Other information:
- Under the direct writeoff method, Jackson deducts $15,000 of bad debts for tax purposes.
- Jackson has a $40,000 NOL carryover and a $6,000 capital loss carryover from last year.
- Jackson purchased the Invest Corporation stock (less than 20% owned) on June 21, 2008, for $25,000 and sold the stock on December 22, 2011, for $55,000.
- Jackson Corporation has qualified production activities income of $120,000, and the applicable percentage is 9%.

a. For 2011, calculate Jackson's tax depreciation deduction for Equipment 1 and Equipment 2, and determine the tax loss on the sale of Equipment 1.
b. Prepare a schedule reconciling net income per books to taxable income before special deductions (Form 1120, line 28).
c. Ignore first-year bonus depreciation.

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Equipment 1: You only have 6 months of depreciation (rounded) for this year because of the asset sale. Look at the attached spreadsheet (you will need to enter in the assumptions to run the calculation, but it's a great tool). So, you have $31,487 for year 3, ...

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