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Money and Banking

Dubya decides to deposit $5,000 of his cash holdings in Wachovia. The required reserve ratio is set at 10 percent or .10 and the bank does not hold any excess reserves.

a. What is the immediate effect on his deposit on the banking system? Explain.

b. What is the maximum amount of money that Wachovia could loan out? Explain how you determined this amount.

c. What is the maximum of money that the entire banking system can create? Explain how you determined this amount. Show your work.

d. Given one reason why the money supply may not increase in the amount that you have identified in part c.

2. Define the following terms and explain their importance to the study of macroeconomics:



Equation of Exchange

Money multiplier

3. How does an open market purchase by the Fed affect the level of bank reserves and the interest rate? That is the FED decided to increase the money supply. Illustrate the interest rate effect by drawing the money market graph. What happens to the quantity of money?

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