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    Which merger would the Antitrust Division challenge? Why?

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    Suppose an industry is composed of eight firms with the following market shares:
    A 30% E 8%
    B 25 F 5
    C 15 G 4
    D 10 H 3
    Based on the (revised 1997) merger guidelines, would the Anitrust Division likely challenge a proposed merger between
    a. Firms C and D (assume the combined market share is 25 percent)?
    b. Firms F and G (assume the combined market share is 9 percent)?
    Explain your answer.

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    The Antitrust Division's 1997 guidelines can be found at http://www.justice.gov/atr/hmerger/11251.htm
    The relevant section is 1.5 - Concentration and Market Shares. The Antitrust Division uses the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index (HHI) of market ...

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    This solution uses the Antitrust Division's published guidelines to determine which of two proposed mergers would be challenged under antitrust law. There is a link to the Antitrust Division's guidelines, references to the relevant sections, and a file showing the HHI calculations that the Division would make.