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Lighthouse ownership

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When you see a lighthouse and a child asks who made this (or had it made) how will you explain? Why?

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This is a good question. Some ideas that you may research futher:
1.The Lighthouse in Economics -- Ronald H. Coase

2. In Coase's book, The ...

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The solution explains the question being asked briefly and concisely. Several resources have been given that will help to answer the lighthouse ownership question. There is no clear answer to the question and the response does a good job of explaining that.

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Journal, Ledger and Trial Balance for Howard Lighthouse

I have attached copies of the ledger, journal and trail balance sheets that I have created, along with the summary of the first year accounts. I am having trouble posting them in the correct place. Could really use some help.

Complete the ledger for Howard Lighthouse Manufacturing using the business
transactions transpired year-to-date.

You will need to do the following:

Post to the journal the transactions from the summary of first year accounts.
Post to the journal the following 2 additional transactions (date 9/15):
HLM receives $5,000 from customers.
HLM pays credit card for purchase of equipment $3,000.
Open each account in the ledger with a starting balance of 0.
Post to the ledger all transactions from the journal.
Create a trial balance to ensure all transactions have been posted correctly to the ledger.
Explain where each transaction would go on the income statement or balance sheet.

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