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Transportation :SUMIF and SUMPRODUCT functions

This is a study guide for me to use to study for an upcoming exam. I need detailed solution so I can be familiar with how to do a step by step solution. Excel is very hard for me unless I can see it clearly.

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PROBLEM 1. Given the following information and diagram, determine the lowest cost routes to ship furniture from production sites 1 and 2 to stores at locations 3 and 4. The costs of shipping along the arrows are listed on each arrow and the quantity supplied or demanded is listed by each location. Complete an actual Excel worksheet in the format given below, solve it using the Excel Solver Program, and submit your excel file as the solution to this problem. This problem must be solved using the SUMIF and SUMPRODUCT functions.


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Excel file contains solution of transportation problem using solver tool and SUMIF and SUMPRODUCT functions..