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good supply of healthcare

The supply of healthcare could be equated to the number of physicians, nurses, MRIs, CTs, ORs and etc. Demand for healthcare can be equated to the number of visits a physician sees, MRIs preformed, etc. How does supply affect healthcare? How does demand affect healthcare? What are some good examples of how supply and demand are inter-related in healthcare? please help answer this question in at least 200 words, thanks for your help

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A good supply of healthcare is indicative of a progressive, welfare state that provides a high quality of life to its citizens. Supply of health services like CT's, MRI's, advanced surgical options, adequate and subsidized availability of drugs and medical professionals at call is quite essential for the health of the society of a modern, civilized nation state. On the other hand, a greater demand for health services can indicate that either the society is more prone to ...

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A good supply of healthcare is assessed.