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    The Three Most Important Topics of Corporate Finance

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    Could you describe the 3 most important topics of corporate finance? Perhaps you can pick 3 that would be most useful to someone's career in business?

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    Topics in Corporate Finance:

    In times of uncertainty, one of the most central elements of corporate finance is a "sensitivity analysis". This has to do with the initial investment decision and is done before an investment is made or a project approved. The central issue here is the use of a variable that will change as the analysis is run time and again. This could be anything that might impact the project in the future: inflation, regulatory changes, taxes, local government initiatives, etc. Here, the value of that variable changes and the present value of the project is then recalculated. Some of the basic principles here are to model that which seems the most likely and to always remember that variables never exist in isolation. When one is affected, the others are as well (Curtiss, ...

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    The solution examines the three most important topics of corporate finance.