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    Economic competition araticle analysis

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    1. Choose an article on economic competition from a professional economic, or management journal published in the last seven years such as The Economist, Harvard Business Review, or Sloan Management Review. Provide an article review that summarizes the topic and sets forth key positions of the author, and whether you agree or disagree with the author and why?

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    For this type of assignment, it's really imperative that you read the articles for yourself. I have found a few that should work for you; you can pick whichever one you find most appealing. Hopefully your library has The Economist, and you can find these articles. In the future, it would be helpful if you would mention which journals you can access.

    Whether you agree with the authors or not will depend on your personal convictions (ie there is no one right answer).

    In the June 2nd, 2005 issue of the Economist, and article entitled "A knotty problem" discusses the issues surrounding the garment industry. It reports that the US and EU, fearing China's efficiency, have placed quotas on Chinese garments. In response, "China announced on May 30th that it was immediately scrapping export tariffs it had introduced earlier this year on 81 textile products to slow the surge in exports."

    "In order to gain entrance into the WTO, China had to agree to allow other countries to place quotas on ...