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    How much freedom is too much?

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    I need help with starting on the following paper:

    How much freedom is too much freedom?

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    From the outset, I'd like to set some realistic expectations. I'm more than happy to help you understand the topic, provide some insight, help you structure the paper, and provide you with the necessary information to complete the paper. I cannot provide you with a finished product. With that said, this should get you well on the way.

    "Getting Started & Introduction"
    Firstly, I'd like to give you some standard information on developing a paper. I'd like you to think about your topic and formulate an opinion. Firstly, you'll have to think about the word freedom. Liberty is a very common notion of freedom- where people are able to govern themselves. There are other types of freedom. Economic freedom, for instance, is usually described as "freedom from want". A person can have liberty, but not have economic freedom. Political freedom is an idea central to democracy- a politically free person (for example) lives free from oppression. Being able to differentiate between these connected ideas is extremely difficult.
    With a topic as broad as this one, you probably have a strong feeling about some aspect of freedom- perhaps the freedom to discriminate minorities strikes you as "too much freedom". Making a statement like this is the first step towards developing a thesis. For the rest of your paper, you will be able to explain why you feel this way. Many students try to write a paper and then "add in" a thesis afterwards- and usually write very bad papers as a result.

    So, let's think about this topic:
    How much freedom is too much freedom?
    - There are no right answers to this question
    - A libertarian may suggest that there is no such thing as "too much freedom"
    - Others may feel that absolute freedom is anarchy

    How you feel about this topic will shape your paper. I'll include a sample introduction. Two things to note, first, it has been intentionally kept short. Secondly, I urge you to formulate your own opinion. How I feel should not affect your ...

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    How much freedom is too much is determined.