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    Differential Stress

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    What can result from differential stress other than flat rocks and what ways does water play a role in the metamorphic process?

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    Please see response below. I also attached an excellent resource on metamorphism, including diagrams for illustrative purposes.


    1. What can result from differential stress other than flat rocks?


    Stress: is the force acted on per unit of surface area, SI unit = Newton/m2=Pascal.

    Uniform stress: is a condition in which the stress is equal in all.

    Differential stress: is when stress is not equal in all directions. When these forces come from differential stress, it causes rocks to either stretch, squeeze or cause slippage and translation depending on the kind of differential stress that occurs.

    For example, there are three kinds of differential stress, which have different results:

    1. Tensional Stress: Stretches Rocks
    2. Compressional Stress: ...

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    This solution discusses what can result from differential stress other than flat rocks, as well as the ways water plays a role in the metamorphic process. Supplemented with an article on the kinds of metamorphism.