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Environmentalism: humanity's effects on the environment

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Student request: Discuss the human effects on the environment - both positive and negative. Focus on the concepts of biophilia and the environmental ethic.

Solution briefly touches on a variety of concepts related to human effects on the environment and how biophilia and environmental ethics influence our behavior in a positive way. Several supplemental online resources are included to aid in understanding and further research.

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There are many human effects on the environment. One of the largest negative effects is habitat destruction/degradation. More specific issues to consider discussing might be: pollution, habitat fragmentation, poaching/hunting, commercial fishing (just to name a few). Anthropocentrism (human-centeredness, which often comes with a belief that humans are a superior species) also plays a major role in why we, as human beings, often choose to effect the environment so negatively.

Positive effects are not as obvious, but include things like conservation and preservation of ...

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