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Human Impact on Sonoran Desert

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1. Identify a natural ecosystem in Arizona which you live or one near to
where you live? How does this ecosystem support you? What are some human
impacts on the natural cycling process of ecosystems in your community?

2. Because ecosystems change and may recover naturally from disturbance over
time, what factors affect decisions about whether human intervention is needed
to help ecosystem recovery? Provide examples

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A community is an association of different populations of organisms that live and interact together in the same place at the same time. The organisms in the community are independent in many ways. Communities vary in size, yet are rarely isolated. Organisms exist in an abiotic (nonliving) environment crucial to their existence as well as their interaction with one another. A biological community and its abiotic environment together comprise an ecosystem.

Deserts are dry areas found in both temperate (cold deserts) and subtropical regions (warm deserts). The Sonoran Desert is located in southwestern Arizona and southeastern ...

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Identify a natural ecosystem in Arizona, describe how this ecosystem support you?
Discussion of human impact on the ecosystem. List of factors that support human intervention.

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