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Allocating more time to implementing and less to planning

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Valuable time is lost in planning. Substantial savings can be realized if corporations would cut down on planning and concentrate on implementing." Do you agree or disagree with this view? Provide reasoning for your view.

Please list references.

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I strongly disagree with the view that planning is waste of time. The reasons are:

1. Planning makes implementation successful.
"Not enough time for a plan," business people say. "I can't plan. I'm too busy getting things done."

A business plan now can save time and stress later. Too many businesses make business plans only when they have to. Unless a bank or investors want to look at a business plan, there isn't likely to be a plan written. The busier you are, the more you need to plan. Planning is the key to successful implementation because it helps businesses staying on track and keep things done ahead of deadlines.

2. Planning fixes responsibility and clarifies who has to do what.
Often when things go wrongs, people points their fingers all over the place. A good plan from the beginning helps eliminate this problem. It would fix out the responsibilities of individuals and as a result help individuals to concentrate on their tasks. It would eventually help individual to improve their efficiency because they know what they are aiming for (everyone can be very focused on particular tasks).

3. Planning fixes the time limit for each task.
It is clear that planning closely reflect a business' attitude to time management. This task is vital to any business' success. If the work does not meet customer's deadline, that means the business is also approaching its 'deadline'. A ...

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