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OSI Model and Encryption

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What is the history of the OSI model and benefits?

Why you would recommend either asymmetric key encryption, symmetric key encryption, or no encryption at all for the Email correspondence

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The Open Systems Interconnection (usually abbreviated to OSI) was an effort to standardize networking that was started in 1982 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), along with the ITU-T [1].

Prior to OSI, networking was completely vendor-developed and proprietary, with protocol standards such as SNA, appletalk, netware and DECnet. OSI was an industry effort, attempting to get everyone to agree to common network standards to provide multi-vendor interoperability. It was common for large networks to support multiple network protocol suites, with many devices unable to talk to other devices because of a lack of common protocols between them.

The OSI reference model (which actually predates the OSI protocol work, dating to 1977) was the most important advance in the teaching of network concepts. It promoted the idea of a common model of protocol layers, defining interoperability between network devices and ...

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