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    ATM Cells and Overhead

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    An ATM AAL5 layer is handed a 56,000 byte packet for transport. How many ATM cells are required to transport it and what is the total overhead? Assume the entire packet is data.

    A. None of the other answers.
    B. 1,167 ATM cells, 9.46% overhead
    C. 1,200 ATM cells, 10.6% overhead
    D. 1,518 ATM cells, 30.4% overhead
    E. 1,420 ATM cells, 7.44% overhead

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    Each ATM cell is fixed in size at 53 bytes, and consists of 5 bytes header and 48 bytes payload (data). When we break up the AAL5 layer packet ...

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    This response first computes the total number of ATM cells and overhead, and then finds the overhead percentage.