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Tariffs and trade restrictions

You have been asked by the Budapest board of regents to speak at a conference on tariffs and trade restrictions from the view point of the U.S. and international community. Include in your presentation information about the tariff and trade restrictions facing your company, different models for acquisition of goods, and larger discussions about this topic in the World Trade Organization.

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All these are measures to regulate cross border transactions. These are the ways to promote or restrict the import or export from one country to other country or countries. Let us understand one by one. Quota is a restriction by one country on the other countries of imports. This restriction is in nature of quantity. For eg if Usa imposes restriction on India on the imports from Indian auto engines of not more than one lakh engines per year. Its a quota, as India cannot export more than one lakh t-shirt to USA. Thus it can affect the Acme's cost of production ...

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This discusses the tariffs and trade restrictions