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Imports and Exports in India

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Explain the imports, exports, economic structure, and potential development of a country of your choice.

INDIA: country of choice

Pick an emerging country.
Describe the economic structure of the country.
Discuss the imports and exports of the country.
Explain the country's potential development.
Discuss your selected country's key trading partners.
Discuss your selected country's GDP growth rate.
Explain how the country would be a target market for your company's product.
Discuss the pros and cons of expanding to the country.
Give at least 2 recommendations explaining ways to implement your company and its products into the emerging country.

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//In this paper, we will learn about India which is an emerging economy. We will focus on the economic structure of India and the imports and exports of the country. We will also learn about India's potential to develop. This paper will discuss the advantages and disadvantages to a business, if it expands its business in India. It will also recommend certain measures, which should be used while entering India.//

India is one of the fastest developing economies. The Indian economy is known as the eleventh largest economy of the world, according to nominal GDP and as per the purchasing power, it is the fourth largest economy. Since liberalization in 1990s, India has registered a rapid ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 545 words with references.

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