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You are a business analyst employed with American Manufacturing Sales, Inc. located in South Dakota. To date, your company has manufactured and sold its electrical transformer products solely within domestic markets and Canada. It now wishes to expand internationally. You have been given the task of examining the potential of developing new operations in an emerging nation, and to prepare relevant profiles and analyses. MEXICO

Your first order of business is to select an emerging nation that appears to have promise as a good market for your firm's product. It is important to remember that the country you select should serve as the basis for each of the forthcoming assignments for this course.

Select a country designated as an emerging market from the list below. You will use your selected host country and its economic data for many of the forthcoming assignments in this course.MEXICO

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// In the given assignment, we will examine the potential of developing new market by analyzing the aspects of an emerging country, Mexico, in our case, by stressing particularly on the economic data gathered from reliable sources to be able to take profitable business decisions, for the company American Manufacturing Sales, Inc. We begin with the general overview of Mexico.//


Mexico, situated in North America and the fifth largest country in America, is a federal constitutional republic. It comprises thirty one states and a capital city. Considering the economic condition of the nation, it can be said to have an upper middle income level. The country has the reputation of being the eleventh largest economy in the world by the power of its GDP and purchasing power parity. It is considered as a newly industrialized country and the economy of the country is associated with the economies of the partners in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The GDP of the country was $14,200 in 2008 and the percentage contribution by sector is 61% (services), 35.2 % (industry) and 3.8 % (agriculture). The major industries are automotive, petroleum, food and beverages, consumer durables, mining, chemicals, iron and steel, textiles and tourism (Economy: Mexico, 2009). Some problems faced by the Mexican government in past years has been reducing the income disparity, improving the infrastructure and the modernization of the labor laws and the tax systems.

// We have so far discussed some facts about Mexico, now, we will continue with the discussion to see how the prevailing economic conditions in the country can affect the business of the American Manufacturing Sales, Inc.//

Features of Mexican economy

The Mexican economy contains ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1050 words with references.