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Cross listing and international capital markets

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The internationalization of capital markets suggests that the world is moving toward an integrated, global capital market (and away from segmented domestic markets). Currently, multinational firms often list their stocks on foreign stock exchanges, an activity referred to as cross listing. For example, Sony cross-lists its Japanese stock on the New York Stock Exchange. In many circumstances, the process of cross listing can be expensive. What motivates companies to cross-list their stocks? What are the perceived benefits of cross listing, and why do these benefits exist? Answer as fully and as carefully as you can.

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Strategic management considers all markets, including product, labour and capital, as imperfect and changing. Strategies are developed to manage the business firm in uncertain and imperfect market conditions and environment. It is an important management task to analyse changing market conditions and environment to make forecasts, and plan generation and allocation of resources.
There are many other influential constituents such as lenders, ...

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