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This addresses three categories of benefits for investments.

A capital investment is expected to achieve long-term benefits for the organization. These benefits generally fall into three categories. Identify and discuss these categories. Is there one category that seems to be more important than the others? Are they independent or interdependent?

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The three categories are nonfinancial benefits, financial returns, and being able to attract additional capital as needed, in the future, for the organization. Nonfinancial benefits can be seen in any organization with regard to capital investments, but are more predominantly discussed in the health care field than in any other field. Nonfinancial benefits include benefits to the community, which usually focuses on patient care. It includes considerations such as how the organization can better meet the needs of the community through initiatives that take a higher quality of care and better access to more services for all community members into account. Nonfinancial benefits for any organization, including health care, also include how the organization proceeds to handle employment issues. ...

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The solution discusses three categories of benefits for capital investments and identifies if there is one category that seems to be more important than the others. The solution also addresses if they are independent or interdependent.