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WACC: Weighted Average Cost of Capital

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Jungle, Inc., has a target debt;equity ratio of 0.81. Its WACC is 10.5 percent, and the tax rate is 34 percent. (Do not include the percent sign (%). Round your answers to 2 decimal places, e.g. 32.16.)


(a) If Jungle's cost of equity is 16.5 percent, its pretax cost of debt is _____ percent.

(b) If instead you know the aftertax cost of debt is 5.7 percent, the cost of equity is _____ percent.

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This solution provides a step by step response which illustrates how to calculate the pretax cost of debt and cost of equity. An Excel attachment file is provided which presents the solution in proper formatting and contains the actual calculations.

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WACC 0.105 (10.5 percent)
Debt equity ratio 0.81
If equity = 1
Debt 0.81
Total capital 1.81

Debt 0.4475 ...

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