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Solving: Weighted Average Cost of Capital

Scenario: McCoy, Inc., has equity with a market value of $40 million and debt with a market value of $20 million. The cost of the debt is 6% semi-annually. Treasury bills that mature in one year field 5% per annum, and the expected return on the market portfolio over the next is 15%. The beta of McCoy's equity is 0.8. The firm pays no taxes.

1. What is McCoy's debt-equity ratio?
2. What is the firm's weighted average cost of capital?
3. What is the cost of capital for an otherwise identical all-equity firm?

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1. mCCOY
debt-equity ratio?

2. What is the firm's overall required return? It is the weighted average cost of capital - that is the weighted average of cost of equity and cost of debt.

1. Cost of equity
Ke = Rf+b(Km-Rf)=13.00%
Ke= Cost of Equity ...

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