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Company A has a WACC of 10%. The income statement is below:

Sales $10 million
Operating Costs $6 million
Operating Income (EBIT) $4.0 million
Interest Expense $2.0 million
Earnings before taxes (EBT) $2.0 million
Taxes (40%) $0.8 million
Net Income $1.2 million

How do I calculate the EVA?

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Economic Value Added is often defined as the value of an activity that is left over after subtracting from it the cost of executing that activity and the cost of having lost the opportunity of investing consumed resources in an alternative activity.

In Business terms, one could calculate EVA as Income from Operations - rate of interest in sovereign debt. If sovereign debt can be considered an alternative opportunity to invest working capital and equity.
The basic formula is :

EVA = NOPAT - ...

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This explains the steps to compute the ECONOMIC VALUE ADDED