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Acquiring Tantrell Corporation

Tundra Corporation is interested in acquiring Tantrell Corporation. Tantrell has 2 million shares outstanding and a target capital structure consisting of 40 percent debt. The debt interest rate is 8 percent. Assume that the risk-free rate of interest is 3 percent and the market risk premium is 7 percent.

Tantrell's free cash flow (FCF0) is $3 million per year and is expected to grow at a constant rate of 6 percent a year; its beta is 1.2. Tantrell has $5 million in debt. The tax rate for both companies is 30 percent.

a. Calculate the required rate of return on equity using equation: r s= KRF + RPM(b)

b. Calculate weighted average cost of capital, using equation: WACC = W drd(1-%) + w sr

c. Calculate the value of operations, using equation: V ops = FCF0(1+g)/WACC - g)

d. Calculate the value of the company's equity, using equation: Vs = Vops - debt

e. Calculate the current value of the company's stock, using equation:
Price per share = Vs/shares outstanding

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