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Cope Co: trial balance, and adjusted trial balance worksheet

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II. The following unadjusted account balances and adjustment data are for Cope company as of December 31, 2001.

Cash = $12,900.00
Prepaid insurance = $2,000.00
Office supplies = $1,300.00
Office equipment = $10,500.00
Accumulated dep.- office equipment = $3,500.00
Accounts payable = $2,900.00
Salary payable = $ 0.00
Unearned service revenue = $ 4,500.00
Terry Cope, capital = $11,750.00
Terry Cope, withdrawals = $5,600.00
Service revenue = $ 13,350.00
Depreciation. Expense-office equipment = $3,700.00
Supplies expense = $0.00
Insurance expense = $0.00

Adjustment data

1. Office supplies on hand December 31, 2002, $550.00
2. Prepaid insurance expired during 2002, $400.00
3. Unearned service revenue, December 31, 2002, $2,300.00
4. Accrued salaries, $475.00

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Solution Summary

The solution completes the worksheet to show the income statement and balance sheet as part of the worksheet. The adjustments are incorporated in the worksheet, but not separately reported in journal entries.

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