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Sociology of Work and Industry: Innovations for 'Future Success'

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You work in a large public sector organization that is in a period of transition. You have been asked to join a "Future Success" change planning team. The team has agreed by consensus that you will prepare a summary of major organizational innovations that can improve productivity and the quality of working life. What innovations do you recommend and why?

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What is Organizational Innovation?
Organizational innovation is a new way of organizing work in areas such as work-force management (i.e. employee empowerment, new people partnership, knowledge management, partnering with customers, etc.) and involving all employees in order to make work organization a collective resource for innovation.

Employee empowerment
In every organization, people are an underutilized resource. Employees should be encouraged to develop an independent entrepreneurship and initiative. In today's organization, managers work for their employees. Empowerment fosters learning and has fast become a highly sought after ingredient of organizational success. A critical feature of successful teams, especially in knowledge-based enterprises, is that they are invested with a significant degree of empowerment, or decision-making authority (Kotelnikov, 2007).

Vadim Kotelnikov, the founder of Ten3 Business e-Coach (2007) has discovered that employee empowerment changes the managers' mind-set and leaves them with more ...

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This response provides suggestions of innovation to improve productivity and working life quality in a large public sector organization.