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    Portfolio Security & Bond Maturation

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    Part 1:
    (a) The LUFTUS corp offers a 6% bond with a current market price of $875.05 .
    The yield to maturity is 7.34% .
    The face value is $1,000.
    Interest is paid semiannually.
    How many years is it until this bond matures?

    (b) A corporate bond with a face value of $1,000 matures in 4 years and has an 8% coupon paid at the end of each year.
    The current price of the bond is $932.
    What is the yield to maturity for this bond?

    Part 2:

    (a) The distributions of rates of return for security aa and security bb are given below :
    State Of Economy Probability of Occurring Security
    aa bb
    Boom 0.2 30% -10%
    Normal 0.6 10% 5%
    Recession 0.2 -5% 50%

    Based on the above information can we conclude that any rational risk-averse investor will add security to a well-diversified portfolio over security?
    Why? Or why not ?

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