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Shouldice Hospital Limited

Attached please find a case study. Without specific questions, I need a detailed direction and response in understandable/proper English. Please show your work with as much detail as possible so that I can understand how you arrived at your answers.


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The issues/problem:
How to increase the capacity of the Hospital without compromising on the quality of services provided by the Shouldice Hospital .Limited?
How to prevent competitors from copying the technique of Shouldice Hospital .Limited and misapplying it and duping patients?
What will be the future role of government in the operations of the hospital?
Can the other hospitals use the name of Shouldice?
How to select the next chief surgeon?

The environmental analysis:
The hernia operations were common, there were 600,000 operations performed in 1979 mostly on males. However, with the success of Shouldice technique there were competitors that were masquerading as offering similar techniques for the purpose of enticing patients. There was a large demand for operations performed by Shouldice Hospital .Limited. With every increase in capacity there was an increase in the number of patients that demanded the operation. The backlog of scheduled operations increased.
The demand for these operations was spread all over North America and a new site could be located either in Canada or in certain areas in the USA. There is a need for government permission if the capacity has to be increased and there could be difficulty in increasing the capacity in Toronto. With increase in incomes the patient flow was expected to increase an so could the number of copycat competitors. The intellectual properties regulation could help protect the Shouldice technique by granting a patent. ...

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