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21-24 Operational auditing; 21-26 Government auditing 21-

21-24 Operational auditing; 21-26 Government auditing standards

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Modern Auditing 8e
21-24 Operational auditing
Required a and b

21-26 Government auditing standards
15 questions

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Security of Assets: The goal of an operational audit is to determine if the operations are achieving the business goals (seven bullet points mentioned in 21-24). None of these goals is to secure assets so this is not an appropriate goal for this audit. If there are assets involved in the "backup service," then securing those might be a goal - bit it is not clear from the facts provided.

Compliance with laws/policies: Yes, we would want to be sure that the information provided to customers and the warranty claims are handled in a legal way and in a way that adheres to management's policies about the product and contractual agreements on the warranty.

Reliability of financial records: No, the financial reports are not a goal of improving the customer service department and so would not be part of auditing this ...

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